Resolve to Keep Your Car Clean

Resolve to Keep Your Car Clean Courtesy of

I’m always on the go, which means that I’m always in my car.  Road warriors know what I’m talking about.  The car becomes the living room, kitchen and home office.  What does that mean?  For me it’s my laptop and tablet on the seat, napkins and food wrappers on the floor, and old water bottles squeezed into crevices between the seats so that I can reclaim the cup holders for my current bottles of water.  I think it’s bad, but it’s not as bad as that person above!!

Why do I do this?  I’m not a messy guy.  My apartment is relatively in order.  The kitchen is organized, the bed is made every morning and the magazines are neatly spread on the coffee table.  At my apartment the garbage makes into the garbage can (what a novel idea).

Am I alone?  I’d like to think I represent the common man, so I’m guessing that many of you are in the same dilemma.  If you’re not a road warrior, you’re probably carting around the kids while they eat their Happy Meals (why do the French fries miss their mouths?), essentially causing the same problem I’m in.

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(Always use a designated driver!)

So New Year’s is right around the corner, and this means it’s time to talk about New Year’s resolutions.  Sure, I’m going to lose weight, read more and save more just like the rest of you.  But I’m also going to have a smaller, easier to achieve New Year’s resolution.

My smaller New Year’s resolution is to keep my car cleaner.  It’s time to face facts.  It’s not that hard to keep the car a bit cleaner.  And I take pride in my car so why wouldn’t I want it to be clean and presentable?  If you have this problem too, make this resolution with me and follow my little tips for keeping the car clean and neat.

Keep a Garbage Bag Handy

I’m not talking about a full-fledged garbage bag, but more a plastic shopping bag in good condition (in case of leaking coffee cups).  I’ve already started this one.  It’s hooked onto the center console shifter and draped to the passenger side.  Now all of my napkins, gas receipts and wrappers are being collected in real time.  When it’s full, just drop it in the garbage can at the big box store or coffee shop that you’re undoubtedly swinging by practically every day.

Wipe Down Harder Surfaces

Wipe Down Harder Surfaces Courtesy of

Wipe down the dashboard, door panels and any other interior hard surface using Armor All or your favorite protective cleaner/solution.  Test an inconspicuous area if you’re not sure how it will interact with your surfaces.  This will clean up any allergens or dust and leave the surface looking like new.

Vacuum Softer Surfaces

Vacuum Softer Surfaces Courtesy of

“I don’t bother vacuuming because I don’t feel like lugging the vacuum outside,” said everyone everywhere.  Trust me I get it.  I’d have to carry a vacuum up and down a flight of stairs, and run an extension cord from inside the apartment.  Talk about a hassle!  This is when you tap the change cup for $1.50 to $2.00 in quarters and swing by the local coin operated vacuum at the car wash.

Vacuuming the car helps keep it neat and it also will clean up allergens and dust that is collecting in the carpet and on the seats.  Vacuum anything that is fabric, which means you may need to also do the ceiling periodically.  Look at it this way, your lungs and sinuses will thank you later.

Wash the Car

Wash the Car Courtesy of

While you’re at the car wash, why not wash the car?  At least a basic wash will go a long way, especially after driving through the rain, muddy roadways and leaf piles.  If you’re in a snow/ice area, wash the undercarriage as well.  This is especially important so that the salt gets washed away and reduces the chance of rust later on.

Some car wash services will combine all of these services for you.  If you can fit it into your budget, then by all means go for the full service.  But if you are trying to keep the cost to a minimum, do what you can on your own, including washing the car.


It doesn’t take a lot of effort to keep the car neat and tidy.  It’s good for your health and good for your pride.  Join me and resolve to keep the car clean in Twenty-Fifteen!

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