We are approaching the end of tax season, and if you’re like me you’ve already filed and received your tax refund.  CNN reported that this year’s average refund-to-date is $3,034!  So what can we do with this refund?  Well if you ask me I’d say it’s time to go shopping… for a car of course!

The average age of cars on the road is a record-high 11-1/2 years old according to USA Today.  But there’s no reason to hold onto your car this long when Hertz Car Sales is here with low down payments and low prices.  So don’t be a statistic, check out our latest offering and put that refund to work on a great lightly used car here at Hertz Car Sales!

Here are some models that I’m keeping my eye on!

2015 Hyundai Sonata

Image-2 Image-3

The latest generation Hyundai Sonata is here at Hertz Car Sales and the prices could not be better!  The latest generation refines the envelope pushing style of the previous generation Sonata, keeping its styling right in line with the likes of the Ford Fusion and Honda Accord.

For $3,000 down you can drive this one for $165 a month (depending on credit score, of course).  OK, let’s look at this a little differently.  This car is book valued at $14,594 and selling for a no-haggle price of $11,977, saving you $2,617 over the price you’d pay at a Hyundai dealer!  Don’t give the Hyundai dealer the satisfaction, buy today from Hertz Car Sales.

2014 Dodge Challenger SXT


Can you believe I’m 2 for 2 on finding sweet deals here?!  I guess it’s easy when the selection is extensive and the deals are amazing!  Here’s a great coupe that seats four comfortably as compared to some other coupes.  It comes with all of the usual standard features and the V6 is economical at 27 mpg highway.  Yes there are some that are better, but they probably aren’t as head turning as the Challenger.

2013 Scion tC

Image-5 Image-6

Here’s my final gem of the day.  Yeah, the Scion tC is another coupe in looks but it’s really a hatchback, which means added utility and less insurance costs.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Scion brand it’s really just a rebadged Toyota (marketing experiment), so the bottom line is that the Scion is a weird name but an incredible value.

Toyota announced that the experiment is coming to an end after a decade of marketing to younger drivers.  The models that are being retained will assume the Toyota name and may be renamed accordingly.  Don’t let any of this scare you because the data shows that the resale value is holding strong.

This tC comes well equipped, including a panoramic full glass roof with powered sunroof, for less than $12,000, which means that your tax refund will go a long way to covering the initial costs of this beauty.

Other Gems

Feel free to peruse the site to find another gem you can call your own.  Put your tax refund to work today and ensure that you don’t become just another statistic.  When you find your gem use Hertz Rent2Buy to take the test drive of your life!

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