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Gen Y entered the car buying market five to ten years ago.  It was however a slow entry because of a weak job market in 2004, and then of course the great recession, which started in late 2008.  Although the economy is slow to recover, it is recovering.  More Gen Yers are getting into desirable entry and mid-level jobs.  This means that the number of Gen Yers buying cars is going to continue to grow.  In fact, according to R.L. Polk and Co, Gen Y has more than doubled their car purchases in just the past three years.  At this rate they will surpass baby boomers in the next ten years, if not sooner.

The way we purchase cars will start to change in the near future because of Gen Y.  I was just in a dealership the other day and the salesperson offered me brochures.  I immediately thought that this is so archaic.  I should preface that I’m on the Gen Y / Gen X border being born in 1981.  I own a laptop, tablet and two smartphones.  I’m informed.  So when the salesperson offered me the brochure, all I could think is that I’ve already seen everything there is to see on the website.  I already customized my perfect car.  I’ve already sent tweets to customer service to find out more information.  All in all, I’m already more informed than the salesperson.

The traditional salesperson has become overrated for the Gen Y buyer.  To me, he or she is just a glorified test drive coordinator.  Now, I’m not writing off the salesperson completely because baby boomers are still buying lots of cars for the next few years.

Gen Y is rewriting the car buying process, and there is no stopping that.  But the Gen Y impact is two-fold.  They are also demanding, by way of their buying dollars, more sophisticated cars for a great value.  This is why we’ve seen the introductions of the BMW 1-series, Mercedes-Benz CLA and Audi A3.  These are entry level luxury cars purposely designed to fit the discerning tastes of some Gen Yers, while fitting into a Gen Yer’s budget.

What’s interesting is that buying a used car has adapted better than buying a new car.  I find exactly the car I want, almost like I’m looking at a listing on amazon.com, and I pay the listed price, which is usually competitively priced.  And why not do it on my terms, like taking the car for a test drive for days, instead of minutes?  This is where Hertz Rent2Buy comes through in the clutch.  Check out these options for cars that are definitely desirable to Gen Y!

2013 Infinite G37x

2013 Infiniti G37xGet this car here

If you’re considering one of the entry level luxury models I mentioned above, that’s OK, but this is WAY better.  You’ll get an award winning V6 and the same level of luxury for almost $7000 less than those other cars.  This is a steal!

2013 Volkswagen Passat SE

2013 Volkswagen Passat SE Get this car here

The Passat is a great car when you’re considering a midsize vehicle.  This one will save you $5000 to $10000 vs. a new midsize car.  And VW’s definitely fit the lifestyle of Gen Y.


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