The Spooky Season is Upon Us

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 Halloween is quickly approaching.  Gosh the year has gone by so fast!  For me Halloween marks a reminder to look at two things, keeping pedestrians safe (especially kids), and keeping your car safe.  I know these are two very different topics, but it’s worth discussing both here as Halloween quickly approaches.

Staying Safe on Halloween

Halloween is a very fun and spooky holiday.  It turns out that it can also be a very dangerous holiday.  A US Government study from two years ago shows that there is a spike in accidents involving pedestrians on Halloween.

Some may say that this is an expected trend as the number of pedestrians goes up dramatically on Halloween.  However we cannot simply excuse this away with statistics.  It means that we must drive with extra vigilance on this upcoming holiday.

Responsibility also lies with the pedestrians.  The US took a step by extending the Daylight Savings Time period to allow for extra daylight on Halloween (amongst other reasons).  But the reality is that it still gets dark early.  Therefore pedestrians (trick-or-treaters) need to think about what they are wearing.  What colors are you wearing?  Is your costume all black?

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 Take your safety game to the next level by wearing reflective bands or tape.  Chances are you can incorporate them into almost any costume with ease.  Also flashing LEDs is a fun way to raise your visibility into the evening.

Trick-or-treaters should also make sure they limit the distractions around them while out on the town for the evening.  Stop in a safe place if you need to send a text or make a phone call.  Never cross the street if you’re not looking ahead.  Be aware of your surroundings by constantly looking and listening.  This also means that you should keep the music down while walking from house to house.

Keep Your Car Safe on Halloween

With Halloween comes Mischief Night.  While kids are inevitably going to be out causing trouble, you can take steps to make sure your car comes out unscathed.  If you can park in a garage you’ll be better off, but not everyone has this luxury.  And if you have to drive around that night, there’s nothing you can do while you’re driving.

Keep Your Car Safe on Halloween

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First thing to do is to give the car a good polish and wax.  You’ll enjoy the beautiful paint job after you’re done, and your car’s paint job will have a layer of protection that will help it stand up to things like eggs.  Today’s clear coat technology stands up to eggs, shaving cream and other corrosive sources, but the polish and wax job will be an extra layer that hopefully helps it to fall right off like a nonstick pan.

After you’ve done this, if you park outside, make sure you’re parking in a well-lit area so that kids are less tempted to mess around near or on your car.

Now if you find that your car was hit with a contaminant, rinse it off as soon as practical.  The longer the contaminant sits there (especially in the sun) it will start to bake in.  This is where the long term damage is done.

Then get to a car wash (or wash it yourself) to completely remove the contaminant.  After the wash, inspect to see if there is any damage.  If there is, address it immediately so that it doesn’t get worse.

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