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Arbor Day is coming up towards the end of the month.  Here’s a fun fact for you, even though there is a national Arbor Day (last Friday of April), there are some states that celebrate on other days.  For example, Georgia celebrates Arbor Day on the third Friday in April.  Regardless of when your state celebrates, take a moment and plant a tree (or two, or three), which will be one small step in promoting environmental awareness and helping the next generation with preserving the environment and the climate.  Don’t forget to take a picture of your tree and share it with the world on social media!

Here’s another small step that we all can take to promote environmental awareness and preservation: go green when buying your next car!  Today there are so many mainstream options and hybrid only options that there is an environmentally friendly car choice for everyone.  The following is just a fraction of the green choices available at Hertz Car Sales!

2013 Volkswagen Jetta TDI

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Surprise!  I’m sure you were thinking that the first one up would be some perennial favorite like the Toyota Prius.  And although the Prius is the “King of Green” there are so many great green vehicles that I would be ashamed if I didn’t share this one with you.

TDI is the diesel line of Volkswagens.  Today’s clean diesels are very environmentally friendly, free of soot and black smoke.  They are also full of torque and amazingly fuel efficient.  This Jetta TDI gets 30 city / 42 highway, no batteries or charging required.  On top of that, these engines are ridiculously reliable, so you won’t be throwing this car to the junkyard prematurely.

2013 Ford Fusion Hybrid

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The Ford Fusion is my top choice in the traditional sedan hybrid segment.  There are some other good ones like the Hyundai Sonata Hybrid and the Toyota Camry Hybrid, but the Fusion is my choice because it is the most polished of the three models considered.  It is the one model that stays the truest to the model as a whole.

2014 Lexus CT 200h

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So you want a unique hybrid only model?  You’re looking for that green status symbol?  Leave the Prius behind and let’s talk about its distant cousin, the Lexus CT 200h.  The Lexus offers a similar level of versatility in an awesome sporty package that should satisfy anyone looking for the edgy green look.  This CT 200h gets 43 mpg city / 40 mpg highway, so you’ll be going green and saving some green in the process!


There are a lot of green choices out there and there are more technologies out there to discover.  These include start/stop engines and engines that shut down some cylinders during cruising speeds, both of which will save you fuel and money.  So while you’re planting that tree, why not also go check out a green vehicle?  You’ll be doing your part to help the planet every day!

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