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There are two major trends currently being discussed in the automotive industry, fully electric cars and self-driving cars.  The topic that is more universal at the moment is self-driving cars since all of the automakers are making moves in this space in one form or another.

Now it’s fairly obvious that self-driving cars are a bit of a ways off from hitting the streets in a neighborhood near you.  But there are many safety and tech options that are precursors to the self-driving car, and a lot of today’s cars come available with these features.  Let’s run down these features here so that you know what to look for in your next lightly used car here at Hertz Car Sales.

Just as a disclaimer of sorts, remember that automakers like to give features and systems unique names to make them their own.  We use the names generically so make sure to ask your informed salesperson about the features you are looking for so that you get matched up with the right set of features for your desired level of safety and for your potential budget.

Collision Avoidance


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Collision avoidance systems work to prevent your next rear end collision.  Installed in your car it’ll protect you from colliding with the car in front of you, say if you take your eye off of the road for a second and don’t notice that the front car has come to a stop.  Installed in the car behind you it’ll protect you from the biggest nuisance insurance claim (and keep you safe, of course).

Let’s be clear here, this system will not only let you know that the car in front is stopped but it’ll apply the brakes if the driver does not intervene in a calculated amount of time.  The car uses sensors to measure distance and velocity differentials, and calculates necessary stop times to stop the car if you don’t do it first.  It provides the brains if yours takes that detrimental millisecond break.

Blind-Spot Detection


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Blind-spot detection is what the name suggests, continuously detecting when a car enters your predefined blind spots.  The system will alert you in two stages, first alerting you that a car has entered the blind spot, then warning you using a flashing light if you signal to change lanes while the blind spot is occupied.  In our distracted driving world it’s good to know that there’s a second set of eyes watching the road with us.

Lane Departure Warning


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Lane Departure Warning is another system whose name describes its intended function (that happens a lot in safety features), the Lane Departure Warning system will alert you if you change or drift out of your lane when not signaled to do so, helping you stay alert during those tiring or monotonous drives and constantly reminding you to use your signals if you habitually don’t signal your moves or lane changes.  Of course if you’re tired please just pull over because none of these systems are designed to be a substitute for alert driving.


Sensors and algorithms have exponentially advanced automotive safety and technology, moving us one step closer to the self-driving car.  Good news is that cars today already have these and other systems that help us drive, park and most importantly keep us safe.  Check out the inventory here at Hertz Car Sales and find your next car with the self-driving safety features that’ll keep you safe for many years to come.

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