Bluetooth Takes the Automobile Digital


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This year marks the 20 year anniversary of the invention of the Bluetooth wireless communication standard. Back in 1994 it was pretty inconceivable how this invention was going to change our lives. Even in 2004 Bluetooth was fairly unknown, being foreshadowed by the mass implementation of WiFi. Once WiFi was in place, it was time for Bluetooth to shine!

Fast forward a few more years and we saw the emergence of wireless accessories and connectivity that started changing our lives. Bluetooth wireless headsets were the beginning of mainstream implementation. This translated into having Bluetooth speakerphone in our car. Then before you knew it, our internet connected smartphones became a removable piece of our car.

So how do our Bluetooth enabled smartphones upgrade our driving experience? Let’s talk about a few key features and apps that are influencing the way we drive today.


Briefly mentioned above, having the speakerphone in the car means we don’t have to have a separate headset anymore. It also means that we can have a hands free communication, which has been proven to be safer than holding the phone while driving. It should be noted that having no distractions is the safest way to operate the car.


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Google Maps

Google Maps, coupled with its navigation feature, saves you $1500 to $3000 on a built-in navigation system. Better yet, it stays up-to-date automatically! When you use it through the Bluetooth connection, you get the factory equipped navigation sound experience without the cost.


There’s two ways to get SiriusXM. The traditional way is using the satellite connection, which is almost always permanently connected to the car. The other way is to use the internet subscription and connect via Bluetooth through the app. Why do this? I have a few reasons for you. First, you get more channel choices on the app. Second, you get the On-Demand feature to listen to previously aired content. Connect through the Bluetooth connection and it will feel like you have it as an installed option.


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Pandora is computer controlled streaming radio. Select an artist, genre or song, and similar music will play. You can listen to the free version with some locally based commercials, or pay a mere $3.95 per month for commercial free awesome music! And let’s be honest, aside from a couple of select FM/AM programs, terrestrial radio is practically a thing of the past.


Driving safety continues to be a hot topic as our cars become more digital. Our smartphones enable us to be more connected, but that causes them to be more distracting too. Through the Bluetooth connection, text-to-speech technology reads your text message to you so that you don’t have to look at your phone’s display. What does this mean? It means your eyes stay on the road where they belong. Perhaps you’re saying to yourself, “How do I respond to the text message?” The same technology allows you to speak your message and convert it to a text message automatically.


Bluetooth enabled technology is in wide release, being available in most entry level models today. Some of these features are still emerging like the text-to-speech. The Microsoft SYNC system has the widest release of this technology. Microsoft SYNC is currently exclusive to the Ford and Lincoln brands, so that inherently makes cars like the Ford Fusion, Ford Edge and Lincoln MKZ the top pick for the driver that regards digital technology as a top priority. Find these cars for sale here at Hertz Car Sales!

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