Convertibles are Always in Season

Convertibles are Always in Season

I already know what you’re thinking…who would write such a silly title for an article?! But I mean it when I say that convertibles are always in season. They’re just cars at the end of the day. Think about it, buying a convertible could make more sense to me than the guy that buys an all-wheel-drive car or an SUV just for the one or two snowstorms he encounters per year. I’m committing to drive a car/SUV year round that is only really useful to me for one week a year. Compare this scenario with the convertible scenario, where I’ll get half a year’s use out of its true purpose here in the north eastern part of the country. That’s 25 extra weeks over the SUV’s real purpose! And for those who just have to have AWD, there are convertibles that are available with AWD, so the best of both worlds is available!

Now you do need to do some homework when it comes to buying a convertible. All of that fun in the sun comes with options. Do you want a power or manual convertible top? How about soft or hardtop? Rear glass or plastic? Let’s answer these one at a time.

Power or manual mechanism

There’s two ways to look at the mechanism. One way is that it’s a convenience feature. Unlatch the top near the visors, then push a button and watch the magic happen as the top disappears before your eyes. This power convenience comes at a price in that power mechanisms always have a slight chance of failing and therefore would require replacement. They also add weight to the vehicle, which some care about for performance or fuel economy reasons.

A manual mechanism is just that, you unlatch the top near the visors and then pull the top back into its compartment and close it up. I’m performance oriented so I consider this the better option. Plus, these can be replaced easily, most times by you.

Soft or hard top

The soft top is the classic looking convertible top. New technology has allowed us to implement hard tops that collapse and stow away just like a soft top. This has its advantages and disadvantages. Its clear advantage is that the hard top is more rigid and gives the car a coupe appearance. Its disadvantage is that if the mechanism fails, you may very well have to replace the whole top, whereas on the soft top you can just replace the motor.

Rear glass or plastic

Simply put, rear glass is preferred over a plastic rear window. The only advantage to a plastic rear window is the weight savings, but the reality is that these windows are smaller than normal so they don’t add too much weight anyways. Plus, a glass window will have a rear defroster, which is a huge advantage.

Now let’s look at some awesome choices available right now in the inventory! Just remember that inventory is regional so what I’ve picked out here may not be available in your immediate area. Visit to view our inventory and find the perfect convertible for you!

 Ford Mustang

2012 Ford Mustang

The Ford Mustang convertible is nothing short of an American icon. Bring it up to today’s standards and you have a beautiful retro styled Mustang with leather seats and the Sync system. And this one is much less than $20k!

Chevrolet Camaro

2013 Chevrolet Camaro

Yes, we have another American icon. Perhaps that simply means we are the country that enjoys the driving fun in the sun the most! This one is great because both the LT and the SS are in inventory, so you can have fuel economy or raw power…it’s up to you! And take a peek at the Corvettes too because they are only a few grand more than the SS.

Jeep Wrangler Unlimited

2011 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited

Perhaps this is my favorite convertible because it is so unique! It’s the only off-road capable convertible available. These are popular, and owning one immediately welcomes you into the Wrangler family. And I mean family…Wrangler drivers religiously wave to each other on the road, something you won’t find with any other group of buyers.



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