Father’s Day – Don’t Buy Another Tie!


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I’m talking to you son, put the tie down and walk away!  Let’s be honest.  Ties are a terrible gift.  Here’s why.  Your father falls into one of two scenarios.  First scenario, he wears a suit every day.  Guess what?!  He has enough ties already!  Other scenario, he wears a suit once in a while.  Guess what?!  He has enough ties already!  This is why buying your dad a tie on Father’s Day is a really bad idea.

Ok so now you’re bubble is burst and you’re starting to freak out.  I don’t blame you, but let me help you navigate this otherwise terrible dilemma.  You can show your dad that you’re thankful in other ways.  Perhaps you can buy him some sports related clothing or memorabilia.  Or how about cooking him a delicious home cooked meal with love?!  Trust me he’ll appreciate that!  Or here’s my favorite, buy him a car!!

Yes I know that I’m really raising the bar on this one.  Of course no one expects you to just go buy him a car, but perhaps you and the siblings can team up and get him a cool car.  There are cool cars that aren’t a lot of money (I mean that!).  So let’s look at some of these cars that you should be considering.


Modern Fun Choice – 2013 Mercedes-Benz SLK-Class SLK250

 2013 Mercedes-Benz SLK-Class SLK250

This is by far my favorite choice in convertible roadsters to make Dad happy on this Father’s Day.  The SLK was an absolute hit when it was first introduced back in 1997.  Fast forward to today and Mercedes-Benz never looked back.  They have continued to push the envelope when it comes to price, style, performance and technology.  Why not pick this one up and save a ton?!  Someone else already paid for the depreciation, now you get to pay for the fun!


Oldie but Goodie – 2001 Honda S2000

2001 Honda S2000

Courtesy of autos.msn.com

This won’t be the easiest one to find, but chances are 50% of them are untouched, not modified and beautiful.  The great thing about the S2000 is that you can save some money buying a high mileage car.  Need I remind you about my Acura CL Type S that went 276,000 effortless miles?!  If anything the only thing you’ll have to replace is the soft top, which always needs replacing eventually anyway.

Like I said you’ll have to search around a bit to find this one.  I give you this option to be sensitive to all buyers.  I know everyone doesn’t have the money to throw around for the Mercedes SLK.  I know I don’t.  This is a love all, serve all post.  With that being said, let’s go for one more oldie but goodie.


Oldie but Goodie – 2005 Mazda MX-5 (The Miata)

 2005 Mazda MX-5 (The Miata)

Courtesy of carfolio.com

Another favorite, and arguably the most popular two-seat roadster, the Mazda MX-5 has experienced the biggest, most loyal following over its storied run.  This generation was a great balance of fun open air experience and unadulterated performance, both from the engine and suspension improvements.  Previous generations are just as fun when it comes to the open air experience, but if you’re looking to marry the open air and the driving performance, seriously consider a MX-5 from the mid-2000s.  You will not be disappointed.



Don’t buy Dad a tie.  Yup, it’s just that simple.  There’s a fun roadster in your budget.  If money is no object, seriously consider the Mercedes-Benz SLK.  It delicately blends technology, performance and style into a package that cannot be beat by today’s offering.

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