School’s Out Already?!

School Closed for Summer

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Yup, it’s true.  The school year is coming to a close.  That is if it hasn’t already closed for the year.  So it means that we need to get some business in order, and do it quickly.  Just as summer swooped in, the new school year will catch us off guard too!

Let’s talk about the business I speak of.  I’m talking about the fun stuff, like summer camp and vacations and the like.  Hopefully there’s a vacation or a staycation in your summer plans.  I know money is still tight as the economy is still very slow to recover.  We all need a break though, and a road trip is just the thing to unwind from the mundane routine that is the school year and the various obligations the school year brings.

Vacations and staycations come in all forms and all sizes.  It’s about as personal a choice as the house you decide to buy or the job you decide to take.  Personally I am a fan of the vacation that takes you down the open road.  Why you ask? Because I’ve always said the journey is as important as the destination.  The journey is where you find the hidden gems that you never find when you fly.


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Take for example the amazing drive down Route 1 from Miami to Key West.  The Florida Keys are absolutely breathtaking when traveled by car that there is simply no comparison.  The only reason I could possibly give you to fly to EYW is if you’re saving a lot of money.  Otherwise take this drive, soak up some sun (of course practice safe sun), and enjoy the view, the company and the food!  Oh and definitely have some friend conch while you enjoy a meal along the drive.  Might I suggest a pit stop at Holiday Isle?  It’s about half way between Miami and Key West, making it the perfect time to stop for a break and a bite!

So here’s the fun part, as if that wasn’t fun enough already!  Let’s take a quick look at a car that is perfect for a road trip vacation.  I know you may be thinking that we’ve done this before, but I’m considering this a challenge to find you an original fun road trip car that I haven’t yet talked about.


2013 Ford Explorer XLT

2013 Ford Explorer XLT

The Ford Explorer is a favorite in the SUV category, having helped to define the term SUV.  That’s a lot of legacy and heritage wrapped up in one vehicle.  A couple of years ago I probably would not have even mentioned the Explorer in any conversation. I’m glad to say that the Ford Explorer is back with a vengeance.  It’s embodied everything from its early beginnings and married that with today’s technological advancements.  It’s nearly perfect as far as full-sized SUVs go.

The 2013 Ford Explorer is available in the different trim levels we’ve grown accustomed to.  Here I show the XLT 4WD, which is more than enough car for most people and families that are looking to hit the road for the summer without breaking the bank in car costs and gas costs.

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