Winter Driving Models, because Snow is All Over US


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It feels like it was only yesterday that we were covering convertibles. Now we are putting covers on our convertibles because…snow is here! As we write this, inches are falling in the Philly/DC area. It is single digit temperatures in Denver, CO and Green Bay, WI. If you haven’t seen snow yet, you will. And inevitably you’ll need to still take the kids to rehearsal or practice, and your boss is still expecting to see you in the office (on time!). So what car or truck can you get to keep you going? Some models you’ll expect and we’re going to throw in one or two that you’d never think of. We’re going to give you some great options that will keep you going through whatever Mother Nature dishes out.

2012 Jeep Patriot


The Jeep Patriot is a clear favorite when it comes to winter driving. Jeeps are built for just about anything, so dealing with some snow is a walk in the park. This Jeep will handle just about anything Mother Nature throws at it, so don’t think that it is just a winter car. It will help you get things done no matter what time of year.

2013 Infiniti G37x


Surprise! Here’s one you may have not have thought of. The 2013 Infiniti G37x is a fine luxury car, with Japanese performance and reliability. It’s fast, stylish and has all-wheel drive (AWD). AWD systems used to be very static, being front wheel biased. Today’s more sporty systems are rear wheel biased, which means that you get all of the sports car performance when conditions are good, and all wheel traction when the snow and ice hit the road.

2012 GMC Acadia


GMC is another brand that specializes in SUVs and crossovers. GMC introduced this full sized crossover a few years ago. Make sure the one you buy is equipped with AWD (front wheel drive models are available). Even with AWD, just remember that this is not a true SUV, meaning that it deals with the snow with no difficulty, but cannot off-road or climb over fallen trees and stuff like that. GMC offers the Yukon if you need that sort of capability. If you don’t, the Acadia is for you. The negative trade off in capability is matched with a positive trade off in fuel economy, so if you don’t need the off road capability, you won’t miss it.

2013 Mercedes-Benz E350


Surprise again!! Yes, another sedan, this time one that will smoke the competition off the line and get you almost 30 mpg highway! Again, with most sedans, you have to make sure to purchase the AWD version. Do that and you mate the all-wheel drive capability with a 7-speed transmission that gives you ultimate snow capability when you need it, and serious performance capability when the road is bone dry.


There are a lot of options for dealing with snow. Your plans don’t have to be grounded just because a few flakes hit the pavement. Of course, no matter what you drive, be safe, take it easy and allow yourself extra time to get wherever you need to go.

SUVs and crossovers are obvious choices for dealing with the snow. Pickup trucks are great options too, granted they have 4WD capability. Sedans (and even the occasional coupe) will also “plow” through to get you where you need to go. The Hertz Rent2Buy program will get you into one of the featured automobiles above, or into many other AWD and 4WD options in their catalog of options. Bottom line is don’t let the snow stop you, just be prepared with the car or truck that is properly equipped. In this day and age, life can’t stop just because a little snow has fallen.

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