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There’s a great deal of controversy surrounding the concept of self-driving cars.  The University of Michigan recently published the results of study that indicated only 16% of people surveyed would be interested in a fully automated vehicle, and that at … Continue reading

The Real Cost of Owning Plug-in Electric Cars One of the first things the average American considers when shopping for a new car is how fuel efficient the model is. Many consider fuel efficiency to be just as important as … Continue reading

Courtesy of I hate to be the bearer of bad news.  Seriously though, I like to keep things upbeat while keeping you informed about how to take care of your current car or find your next amazing automobile here at Hertz Car Sales.  But it’s come to our attention that a situation is forming around us… traffic accidents are occurring at an increased rate, 8% to be exact (thanks Motor Trend). Automotive safety technology is continuing to advance, but at the same time we’re continuing to be more distracted.  More distracted by continued developments is smartphone technology, like Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, and yes, especially the exponentially growing adoption of PokemonGO.  When we’re faced with this level of distracting media, automotive technology has a long way to go to keep up. Tesla recently made news with their recent autopilot accident that occurred in early May.  The gentleman in the driver’s seat engaged the car’s autopilot feature and took his attention away from the road.  I leave out details on purpose because you can simply Google the latest news on this accident to find out what’s evolving in this autopilot incident.  I bring it up to make sure everyone understands that the idea of autonomous driving is still a ways off from where we are now. Automotive safety technology is currently intended to assist the engaged driver, meaning that it’s there to back up the information or decisions of the driver that is actively driving.  It’s not there to be your primary eyes on the road, only your secondary eyes. Let’s get a little more upbeat then now that we’ve cleared the air on autopilot, autonomous driving, etc.  Here’s some models in the Hertz Car Sales lineup that include terrific safety assist features. 2015 Buick Verano See this Verano here The Buick Verano is a staple in the modern Buick lineup.  Verano is synonymous with Camry and Mazda6 in the midsize market.  And rightfully so, because the Buick Verano is just as equipped, expertly styled and well-appointed as these other models in the same vehicle class.  Buick Verano comes with the latest safety features, such as lane departure warning and blind spot detection, safety features designed to protect you from a 21st century traffic threat. 2015 Mercedes-Benz C300 See this C300 here Mercedes-Benz is one of the leaders in automotive safety, even if they don’t actively advertise it all of the time.  This C300 comes with one of my favorite features, forward collision prevention assist, which helps you in a potential rear-ender situation. All of these great features are working towards a common goal, collision avoidance, and while they may not be cohesively implemented, you should consider purchasing a vehicle with these features implemented, because having these features is much better than not having these features.

  I’ve spent numerous posts mentioning Hertz Rent2Buy program offered here at Hertz Car Sales.  Shout outs like a celebrity name drop.  Perhaps I did this in the hope that you would do some quick research to supplement what I told you and ultimately decide that the Rent2Buy program is the only way to buy a car or SUV.  After thinking about it some more, I decided that it was overdue to tell you more about the program, so I’m dedicating the article to bringing everyone up to speed on the Rent2Buy program. Let me ask you some questions regarding your last test drive.  Think back for a moment with me (I’ll do it too…): How long did that last test drive take?  I’m talking about the actual test drive now, not your time that the dealer wasted on the “Let’s Make A Deal” quadrant boxes on the back of some random form Did you really get a feel for the vehicle you were test driving? How informative was the test drive? Did you walk away saying, “I want this car!”, or did it feel a little like a gamble that was disguised as an educated guess? The car you probably took on your last test drive Here’s the thing, the average dealer could not care less about whether or not you experience the car you’re about to purchase.  The unfortunate truth is that they want you to drive whatever is available and draw conclusions about what your next car will be.  I did this when I drove a Scion with an automatic transmission when I wanted a manual shift.  “This is all we have…” is what they said.  Just terrible. Drive the car you plan to buy.  That’s it, it’s just that simple.  Especially when we’re talking about the used car market, you must drive the exact car you will be picking up.  You need to see what kind of character it has developed because all cars develop character regardless of whether or not you think they do. Rent2Buy has two amazing versions to choose from.  First, choose the car you want to test drive, which goes back to the notion that you need to test drive the exact car you may end up buying.  Once you’ve chosen that car, you can choose from one of two Rent2Buy options: complimentary two-hour test drive, or a low cost three-day test drive.  When was the last time you went to a dealer that offered you that kind of test drive? Picture taking this beauty for a three-day test drive If you go with the three-day test drive, that cost is credited from the cost of the car should you choose to buy it, making it a win-win in my book.  You can even purchase the car from home so that you don’t have to change your schedule to accommodate the purchase.  If that’s not car buying on your terms, I don’t know what is!

Automobiles, being the precision machines that they are, require diligent monitoring to ensure they are running at peak performance.  The aspects of the vehicle that an owner should look at depend on many factors, for example the age of the … Continue reading

Let’s be honest.  Buying a new car is easy.  You walk into a dealer like it’s a big box retailer.  You pick the exact model with the exact colors and features you want “off the shelf”.  If you want, you … Continue reading

It’s 2013. We are on the tail end of the Great Recession (hopefully). All of the automakers have survived the recession in some form or another. We lost some iconic brands along the way, the likes of Mercury and Pontiac. … Continue reading

Yup, you read correctly.  BMW is really introducing a 4-Series coupe as a 2014 model.  This is news, but it is far from awesome news in my humble opinion.  I always love the introduction of a new BMW model.  The reintroduction … Continue reading

Automotive companies have made waves in recent years with retro inspired styling.  All of the major American brands introduced one or multiple models that paid homage to styling from the 60s and 70s.  These cars give buyers from older generations … Continue reading

The 2013 Toyota Highlander Hybrid, courtesy of Conceptcarz. Two thousand and twelve proved a banner year for the automotive industry. Sales hadn’t soared so high since 2007, a year before the economic downturn that threatened to nearly completely upend the … Continue reading

Tires…they are very complex engineered components, but if I had to take a guess, at least 9 out of 10 drivers takes them for granted. Really when you think about it, you can’t blame these people. Tires do what they … Continue reading

Courtesy of Tesla Motors. All hail that mighty make, Tesla. Last month the California-based manufacturer of exclusively upscale electric vehicles captured the attention of the mainstream auto world after its Model S garnered Motor Trend’s Car of Year award in … Continue reading

Via Maybach. Few status symbols have attracted the type of everlasting and loyal fame as the luxury car. The reason for this is simple: a truly classy vehicle speaks volumes of opulence. Every detail about these cars conveys a longtime … Continue reading

A self-driving Lexus, courtesy of Legit News. When California Governor Jerry Brown officially signed legislation that integrates driverless cars into the state’s car community this past week, a furor ignited. Dissenters lamented that the technology would give undocumented illegals a … Continue reading

Thanks to BJ Thoughts. Panicked. Scammed. Dissatisfied. Lovely words most of us motorists associate with the inevitable experience of dealing with a mechanic. Years of experience and education are needed to perform solid auto work, credentials only those mechanics can … Continue reading

You know the drill. Extreme heat poses a life-threatening risk to children, pets, and any being trapped inside of a boiling car during the torrid weather. But few motorists are alert to the full extent of the detrimental effect that … Continue reading

  Audio systems have never been more complex, entertaining, or important in our vehicles than right now. Fighting traffic or navigating long trips can demand hours of our time — it’s only right that the music we listen to inside … Continue reading

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The enthusiasm of real-deal car professionals for their tires never tires. Read that sentence again. And again. Once its message has sunk in, continue further with this article. We cannot reiterate enough the importance of tires for successful driving. Those … Continue reading

The car wash — we sing about it. We fantasize of beautiful people soaping up our vehicles in it (always in the name of charity, of course). It’s become as big a facet of our culture as the hamburger or … Continue reading

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The electric car movement has vroomed in. And many signs indicate that not only are they here to stay, but their presence is likely to mushroom as technology improves. A recent Consumer Reports survey notes that one out of four … Continue reading

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  An unfortunate DIY job, courtesy of The Chop Shop  The magnitude of do-it-yourself automotive repair is on the rise. Increasingly more American drivers own cars whose warranties have expired, and the perils of the current economic state have forced … Continue reading

  Courtesy of Unless you live in Australia — or another beautiful country on the Southern Hemisphere — you’ve likely realized that winter weather has set in with a bang. Snow is falling, ice is forming, and driving has … Continue reading

  New Years Eve of 2011 set the scene for more than just one of the year’s largest parties. The National Travel Safety Board used the holiday as a platform to announce their plea to completely ban drivers from interacting … Continue reading

  Welcome to the winter season, which officially began on December 22, 2011. Some of the year’s most classic and essential holidays will unite families, friends, and loved ones throughout the next few months, and such reunions can often require … Continue reading

“Righty tighty, lefty loosey” & “A stitch in time saves nine” and other handy phrases like these reassure us with their reliability. Reciting them gives us comfort when encountering complex situations that we feel we can’t tackle otherwise. They’re the … Continue reading

Learning to drive safely is an important lesson for teens. Only those who fully understand the gravity of the privilege of driving will take the lessons seriously. There are several things that a parent can do to help their teen … Continue reading

One of the easiest ways to make sure a vehicle runs well for as long as possible is to keep up with a routine maintenance schedule. When vehicles are neglected, problems begin to arise. Unfortunately, even small problems can turn … Continue reading

With smartphone sales increasing each year, developers are spending a lot of time and creativity making apps that will catch the attention of iPhone and Android users. Apps that can improve a user’s driving experience are especially popular considering the … Continue reading

People who know cars know the Hemi engine. Even those who are not familiar with vehicles have been enticed with advertisements for cars and trucks with an engine bearing the Hemi name. Those ads alone have been enough to make … Continue reading

All car insurance companies use a number of different factors when deciding on the premium for each driver and family that they insure. The age, driving record, geographical area and distance driven to work every day are just a few … Continue reading

It can happen to anyone. Chances are, at some point in your life it will happen to you too. You are driving down the road and the car will begin to sputter. You get a sinking feeling as you realize … Continue reading

According to the Allstate Foundation, 4,000 teens die in automobile accidents every year in the United States. Accidents are the leading cause of death of US teens, and over 60% of those deaths happen while another teen is behind the … Continue reading

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When trying to save money during a car-buying decision, it often happens that buyers will move towards a vehicle with fewer features. Keeping those extra dollars in the pocket can seem like an imperative task when searching for the right … Continue reading

With consumers focusing on making their dollar stretch as far as possible, many people are choosing to buy used cars instead of new. After all the years of being told that their new car’s value drops the second it is … Continue reading

Everyone knows someone who has trouble keeping their vehicle clean. The problem may be a collection of clutter, too much trash or even smells emanating from parts of the vehicle that cannot quite be pinpointed. While many people believe cars … Continue reading

As the new models begin rolling out for 2012, car designers are proving that they have heard what the families have been saying. Just because they want a comfortable family sedan, does not mean they want the same old boring … Continue reading

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When choosing a used car, one of the considerations that should be taken into account is fuel economy. Whether you choose to purchase a hybrid, a two seater coupe or an SUV, there are measures that you can take to … Continue reading

When buying a used car opinions differ for men and women. Trends show that men are ahead in car buying but more recently women seem to be catching up. Polling by NBC/Universal offered interesting results as to how women now … Continue reading

If you are looking for an affordable used car with great used car values then the used rental cars market is the best place to find one at an affordable price. One such vehicle is the sedan, a popular choice … Continue reading

The used rental car market is one of the best place to find a high quality used car at an affordable price. Cars are available to suit individual requirements. You may need a compact car that is fuel efficient, or … Continue reading

There are loads of used car options when it comes to buying green and saving money at the same time. We all know how important both our wallets and our planet is, and there are many options for used car … Continue reading

Before buying your used car you will have gone through your checklist of things to look for – price, age, condition and reliability. However, once you have purchased your used car and driven away, there are still some important things … Continue reading

When it comes to used rental cars, they are just like any other used car, undergoing the same wear and tear daily use inflicts upon a car. However, they have an advantage and that is their engines will be well … Continue reading

Shifting markets in the used car sales business have driven used car prices higher as supplies have dwindled because of lower new car sales. What savvy consumers realize is rental car deals abound at Hertz Rent2Buy where it’s still possible … Continue reading