The American Luxury SUV Roundup

If there’s one segment where the American auto makers never lost a step, it is definitely the luxury SUV segment. Between the offerings from Buick, Cadillac and Lincoln, we have a lot of options and a lot of value. There are too many options to discuss all of them here, so for the sake of focus we are going to limit our discussion to three models.

Traditional SUVs are those that sport a traditional 4WD system, which means they are designed to take on rougher terrain and harsher conditions. Crossovers (sometimes referred to as CUVs) are more car like than the traditional SUV. This means that you get some of the versatility of the traditional SUV but also favorable driving traits like smoother rides and better fuel economy. The American big three have produced some of the favorites in the segment like the Ford Escape, Ford Edge and the Chevrolet Equinox.

As I mentioned before I’m going to round up three of the American luxury models that you should consider for your next SUV or CUV because you’ll get the best of both worlds, beautifully appointed models and value for your dollar.

Buick Encore


This is just a beauty! For just over $23,000 you get this great 2013 Buick model from Hertz Car Sales. Buick is by far the most underrated car brand today. They keep making hit after hit, and this Encore is no exception! Standard AWD and a six-speed automatic means that you’ll be able to deal with almost anything Mother Nature dumps on the road (like snow and ice) while keeping your trips to the gas pump at a minimum.


The interior of this Encore is absolutely beautiful. Wonderfully detailed with two tone leather seating, wood trim, and everything laid out where it should be. This is what we’ve come to expect from the new Buick, and the Encore continues this new tradition!

Cadillac SRX

The Cadillac SRX is the model that is part CUV and part traditional SUV. It is born from the traditional SUVs of the 80s and 90s but has morphed into this awesomely edgy crossover that keeps turning heads. Whether you pick up the current or previous generation, you’re going to get a vehicle that’s going to wrap you in absolute luxury. Since you’re smart shopping and buying slightly used, you’re going to get this with tremendous value.

Cadillac SRX

The 2012 SRX is widely available here at Hertz Car Sales and it is gorgeous! Starting at just over $25,000, you can drive away in one of these for less than you would pay for a new equally equipped Kia Sorento, and way less (over $5,000 less) than a new equally equipped Honda Pilot. Why spend your money on the new car mark up?! Save some money and get yourself into the SRX today!

Lincoln Navigator

Now here’s the SUV for the person that actually wants to do a little rougher driving! If you’re a GM guy you can always go for the Cadillac Escalade, but regardless the Navigator deserves a look. This is how luxury takes seven people around comfortably!

Lincoln Navigator

Now I mentioned rougher driving a minute ago. This SUV is equipped with a true traditional 4WD system, which means that it’s a truck deep down. Equip it with the right wheels and tires and you’ll have a capable off-road vehicle. Not your style? No problem. The standard wheels and tires are made to handle the day-to-day drives perfectly. No amount of snow and ice can stand in your way when you’re behind the wheel of the Navigator! And for just $44,000 Hertz Car Sales will get you into all of this!!

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