The pros and cons of buying a used rental car

The pros and cons of buying a used rental car
When it comes to used rental cars, they are just like any other used car, undergoing the same wear and tear daily use inflicts upon a car. However, they have an advantage and that is their engines will be well maintained, for the simple fact that constant care, inspection and maintenance is undertaken during the use of the car. One question, however, you should ask yourself is if a used rental car is a good purchase for someone looking for a fairly new car at a reasonable low price.

It may seem strange to think about purchasing a rental car but looking at the facts as well as weighing the advantages and disadvantages, may lead you to the conclusion that buying a used rental car is not such a bad idea and if caution, care and research are conducted correctly you may be able to get a good deal.

So, if you purchase a rental car from a recognized company you can be confident that you’re getting a clean well looked after car. Top rental companies tend to keep the car for one to three years and then remove them from service. The mileage on these cars is usually under the 50,000 mark, and, if you are lucky, you can find cars with mileage less than 25000, many of which will still have the manufacturer’s warranty.

Buying a used rental car can be a great opportunity for someone looking for a well maintained, fairly new car. As properly maintained cars makes good business sense for the rental agency, it should be noted that maintenance and inspection records will be current for the vehicle, a very big plus point. And, while paying a fraction of the price, used rental cars should be in good condition inside and out.
The pros and cons of buying a used rental car
However, you still need to do your homework. Remember, rental companies are like a car dealership when it comes to selling cars – ultimately they want your business so it’s important to inspect the car inside and out and take it for a test drive. If your budget allows, have a qualified and trusted mechanic give the car a once over.
If you can, ask the rental car company to provide you with a full history of the car including maintenance and inspection reports this will give you everything you need to know about the car and any problems it has had if any. By having this information, it will help you decide whether it is a good buy or not.

What are the pros of buying a used rental car?

The following pros should be thought about before buying a used rental car

  • As a buyer you have peace of mind as you know where the car comes from.
    You also have a guarantee that during its time as a rental car, it will have been well maintained and looked after in accordance with the quality and maintenance guidelines the rental company has.
  • One of the biggest benefits is price. You will be buying a nearly new car with low mileage for a low price.
    Prices for used rental cars are generally lower than the Kelly Blue Book value.
  • Many rental companies offer used cars that are between one and two years old and have approximately 25000 on the odometer; giving you additional peace of mind that the car has all the latest safety features.
  • If you purchase a used rental car, the chances are it will still have a warranty from the rental company as well as the added advantage of the remaining manufacturer’s warranty. Some rental companies also offer a trial period, often up to one week. If after the trial period you find the car does not meet your requirements you can return the car to the rental company.
  • Most used rental cars come with a 60 day or 2000 mile limited warranty
  • Fewer headaches for you. As you are dealing with a reputable company, all the paperwork and legalities will be handled by the rental company.

What are the cons of buying a used rental car?

Although there are some great benefits and advantages when buying a used rental car, you still have to weigh up the disadvantages before making your final decision:

  • Although the rental company can provide the maintenance and inspection records, they are not 100% certain how the car has been used by the car’s renters.
  • Depending on the rental company’s selection of cars you may be limited to choice.
  • Although you are buying a low priced car, most rental cars are basic models with basic trims and interiors – used rental cars may not have features such as sunroofs, leather upholstery, satellite navigation or heated seats.
  • There may be a lot of aesthetic defects – scratches, possible dents etc.
  • The interior may have dirty upholstery and carpets which will mean you have to spend money on cleaning.
  • You don’t get a full bells and whistles warranty like the ones offered from dealerships.
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