The vehicle you drive affects your insurance premium

All car insurance companies use a number of different factors when deciding on the premium for each driver and family that they insure. The age, driving record, geographical area and distance driven to work every day are just a few of the points that insurance companies consider when they create a policy for their clients. Many drivers don’t realize, however, that the make and model of their vehicle also have a considerable impact on their average insurance premium. (Photo courtesy of o5com at Flickr).

According to a spokesman for the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, a vehicle that is considered small and sporty has been shown to be more likely in a costly accident than other vehicles. It seems as though people who feel like they are driving cars who can easily weave in and out of traffic, will attempt it. In that same way, vehicles with off-road capabilities are likely to be used in rough terrain and driven places that vehicles were not meant to go.

So, which vehicles are most likely to help keep insurance premiums down? Here are a few of the vehicles with the least expensive average insurance premium according to

Several mini-vans top the list with an average annual premium of about $1100. The Chrysler Town & Country and the Toyota Sienna are two of the vans in the top ten. While there is no way to know exactly why one vehicle is more or less accident prone than another, these are both considered family vans. Considering the parents and grandparents who are more likely to drive the vehicles, and being especially cognizant of the children they are transporting, may give insight into why the insurance premiums are lower on these vehicles. (Photo courtesy of Nacmias Auto Dealer at Flickr)

If you are not the soccer mom type, there is no reason to despair. Besides mini-vans, there are two SUV’s in the top ten list. The Nissan Murano SE and the Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sport are both named on’s ‘lowest premium’ list. The Murano is on the list at $1128, while the Wrangler comes in close behind with an average price for insurance of $1131. While both are six cylinder engines, the Wrangler comes with 4 wheel drive that makes it more likely to be used in off-road and risky adventures. (Photo courtesy of MJ/TR at Flickr)

Those looking for low-cost insurance on a smaller car may be looking for a while. The least expensive four-door sedan on the list doesn’t show up until page four. Coming in at 27th place, the Honda Civic DX has an average insurance rate of approximately $1300. The next car that comes up on the list is the Kia Forte EX four-door sedan. While it is several spots behind the Civic, the Forte is only about $24 more per year on average and is listed at $1324 per year for average premiums.

The list does not neglect to include trucks in the rankings. Many people assume that trucks are going to have higher rates due to the way they are used and the fact that many people use them to haul or pull other things. Everyone who owns a truck knows they are going to get a call if one of their friends is moving. Even with this knowledge, there are trucks that come in with lower premiums. For example, the Chevrolet Colorado LT Extended Cab comes in well below the Honda Civic with an average insurance premium of $1266. (Photo courtesy of Nacmias Auto Dealer at Flickr)

Knowing which cars are the lowest often makes people wonder which vehicles are the most expensive to insure. According to, the average rate for the Mercedes SL65 AMG is $3544. It is typically one of the most expensive vehicles to insure. The BMW 750 Hybrid is among the most expensive to insure, at a cost of about $3280 per year, as is the Porsche 911 that can cost owners about $3092 per year.

Knowing which vehicle will cost you more in the long run is an important part of buying a vehicle. Insurance premiums between two different yet similar trucks over the course of five years can equal over a thousand dollars in savings if you choose the truck that typically averages less.

Still, the most important part of keeping your insurance premiums down is to keep your driving record clean of moving violations and accidents. Too many of either of these will quickly make the insurance premium of a civic look like the insurance premium of a Lincoln MKZ, which is $1542. (Photo courtesy of qJake at Flickr)

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