Top tips on saving gas for your vehicle

When choosing a used car, one of the considerations that should be taken into account is fuel economy. Whether you choose to purchase a hybrid, a two seater coupe or an SUV, there are measures that you can take to squeeze a little more distance out of each gallon of fuel. With gas prices on the rise, even an improvement of a few extra miles adds up. Hertz Rent2Buy offer a wide range of high quality used cars for sale that are not only fuel efficient but also priced below Kelley Blue Book’s suggested retail value. Below are some gas saving tips that can help you improve your car’s fuel economy making it easier on your pocket as fuel prices continue to rise.

Slow Down

One of the best ways to save gas when driving is to reduce your speed. As you increase your speed, your fuel decreases. When on the highway try avoiding overtaking every car in sight and stick to sensible speed limits. Your journey won’t take that much longer and you will save a lot of fuel.

Check your tire pressure

One of the biggest causes of heavy fuel consumption is under–inflated tires. Tires lose air over time and when temperatures drop.When tires are under inflated they have more rolling resistance meaning you have to burn more gas to keep your car moving. To prevent tires from becoming deflated use a reliable tire pressure gauge and check your tire pressure at least once a month. As tires become warm and the air inside increases in pressures which may lead to false reading, it’s best to check the tires when they are cold.

Accelerate with care

Stops and starts are heavy on fuel consumption. When pulling away from lights you can save on fuel consumption. If you drive an automatic car, accelerate moderately to enable the transmission to shift into the higher gears smoothly. If it is a manual car that you drive change the gears early to keep the revs down. Look ahead for slow down drivers as quick breaking also wastes fuel.

Nature’s fresh air

Another great way to save on gas is to shut off the air conditioning, open the windows and enjoy the breeze. This will save fuel when driving at a slower speed. With the air conditioning turned off you are utilizing less engine power and less fuel. If you don’t need it on don’t switch it on.


If you are looking for a new used car then now is the time to evaluate if you really need a mid size to large car. Smaller cars are more fuel efficient and these days most small cars are spacious and comfortable. Most compact cars are equipped with all the latest safety features like side air bags and ABS, traction control and provide a comfortable ride ensuring your safety while saving on fuel.

Don’t drive

As bizarre as this may sound on a used car website; if you can avoid driving then you save on gas. An option could be to car pool to work, take the bus on shopping trips, or, even better, walk or cycle – good for your health and lighter on the wallet. Before getting into the car always ask yourself if the trip is really necessary. If not, then jump out, lock the car and make the trip another way.

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  1. Used cars says:

    Wow, Its Really helpful for saving gas and fuel. Thanks for valuable tips.
    Used cars

  2. used cars says:

    Thank you for your valuable insights and advice, it was funny that you have included”don’t drive” option which most users should give a thought about and start using public transport.

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