Find Affordable Used Cars at a Hertz Car Sales Location Near You

Hertz Car Sales is a great place for any kind of driver to shop. But we do especially well for daily commuters who seek thrifty, economic and highly efficient cars for their everyday travels. That's certainly the case with these efficient and low-priced vehicles that we have for sale at our locations all over. You'll spend less up front, then you'll spend less on gasoline as you commute around your area and beyond. Discover how easy shopping with Hertz Car Sales can be by coming over today and we'll be happy to start you off on a quick test drive in the economic and affordable used car that you're interested in.

There's a wide range of fuel-efficient cars and small crossovers found across the board with the lineup shared among all Hertz Car Sales locations. While most vehicles are gas-powered at Hertz, we do get some hybrids and even the rare electric model from time to time, and if you find one under $20,000, that will really be a great way to go for your daily commuting. Beyond those options, any fuel-efficient small sedan, hatchback or even compact crossover will not only be affordable, but will also be like-new, updated with technology and styling, and low in mileage, all while providing something you don't have to fill up all that often.

Ready to get started? Get going with an online finance application so you'll be ready for the kind of used car loan that works for your budget and for the pre-owned, efficient model you're interested in. From there, you'll be ready to discover the value of our complimentary warranty coverage we provide, helping you shop with more confidence.

Cheap used cars does not have to mean lower quality. See if an affordable used vehicle is available at the Hertz Car Sales location near you by visiting today so we can start you off on a quick test drive.

*The listed price includes all costs to be paid by a consumer except for licensing costs, doc fees, registration fees, and taxes.

We make every effort to provide accurate information including but not limited to price, miles and vehicle options, but please verify with your local Hertz Car Sales location before purchasing