Yup, you read correctly. BMW is really introducing a 4-Series coupe as a 2014 model. This is news, but it is far from awesome news in my humble opinion. I always love the introduction of a new BMW model. The reintroduction of the 6-Series was music to my ears because I always loved the old model from the 1980s. The 1-Series excited me because it's a BMW I can come close to actually affording. Unfortunately, I can't get nearly as excited over the introduction of this 4-Series. Here's why...it is just a rebadged 3-Series.

Now a lot of you are probably thinking, "This car looks hot...what's the problem?!" I couldn't agree more. I could retire with this car. No midlife crisis Corvette necessary. BMW continues to push the stylistic envelope with the pending introduction of this 4-Series model line. It follows the current trend in luxury coupe styling first introduced with the Infiniti G35 Coupe: the car looks shorter, has a larger rear windshield and a shorter trunk door. It's extremely slick and curvy. The M4 version of the 4-Series will be dynamite if the current M3 is an indicator (which it is!!)

The only improvement I would propose to this new 4-Series is a glass roof, similar to the all-glass roof found on the current generation of the Scion tC. If for whatever reason a glass roof is not an option, then perhaps a carbon fiber roof that accentuates the sportiness of the new model line. Everything else about the car itself is awesome!

Ok, so I implied before that I'm not completely on board with the introduction of the new 4-Series. This is true. Here's my issue. I don't like the company rebadging the 3-series coupe after all this time. I feel that the model line should be left alone. It just works, period. The 3-series coupe is a coveted model.

The luxury car industry went through phases of rebadging coupes to keep them identified on their own vs. their sedan counterparts. Examples go back as far as the Acura CL (coupe version of the TL) and the Audi A5, which is a coupe version of the A4 sedan.

BMW had the opportunity to rebadge this car multiple times, first back in 1999 and again in 2006 when the company introduced new generations of the 3-Series lineup. Instead, they stuck to the 3-Series model name that everyone is familiar with. When they chose not to do anything about it, I figured they were keeping the 3-Series intact.

What's just as interesting in all of this luxury car rebadging is that Mercedes-Benz very recently introduced an E-Class coupe. In my opinion, Mercedes-Benz paid BMW a compliment when they ditched the CLK-Class in favor of the E-Class coupe, aiming to maintain the E-Class presence as the mid-size force to be reckoned with no matter the body style.

All in all, I think BMW should have left the 3-Series alone. The 3-Series is a tried and true model, the anchor of the BMW brand and company. The company sells more 3-Series models than any other model. It's won Car and Driver's 10-Best award a record 23 times in multiple forms from 1992 to today...what a streak! Why put this streak at risk?!

For me it all comes down to one famous line of thinking...if it ain't broke, don't fix it, right? What are your thoughts?

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