I've spent numerous posts mentioning Hertz Rent2Buy program offered here at Hertz Car Sales. Shout outs like a celebrity name drop. Perhaps I did this in the hope that you would do some quick research to supplement what I told you and ultimately decide that the Rent2Buy program is the only way to buy a car or SUV. After thinking about it some more, I decided that it was overdue to tell you more about the program, so I'm dedicating the article to bringing everyone up to speed on the Rent2Buy program.

Let me ask you some questions regarding your last test drive. Think back for a moment with me (I'll do it too...):

  • How long did that last test drive take? I'm talking about the actual test drive now, not your time that the dealer wasted on the "Let's Make A Deal" quadrant boxes on the back of some random form
  • Did you really get a feel for the vehicle you were test driving?
  • How informative was the test drive?
  • Did you walk away saying, "I want this car!", or did it feel a little like a gamble that was disguised as an educated guess?

Here's the thing, the average dealer could not care less about whether or not you experience the car you're about to purchase. The unfortunate truth is that they want you to drive whatever is available and draw conclusions about what your next car will be. I did this when I drove a Scion with an automatic transmission when I wanted a manual shift. "This is all we have..." is what they said. Just terrible.

Drive the car you plan to buy. That's it, it's just that simple. Especially when we're talking about the used car market, you must drive the exact car you will be picking up. You need to see what kind of character it has developed because all cars develop character regardless of whether or not you think they do.

Rent2Buy has two amazing versions to choose from. First, choose the car you want to test drive, which goes back to the notion that you need to test drive the exact car you may end up buying. Once you've chosen that car, you can choose from one of two Rent2Buy options: complimentary two-hour test drive, or a low-cost three-day test drive. When was the last time you went to a dealer that offered you that kind of test drive?

If you go with the three-day test drive, that cost is credited from the cost of the car should you choose to buy it, making it a win-win in my book. You can even purchase the car from home so that you don't have to change your schedule to accommodate the purchase. If that's not car buying on your terms, I don't know what is!

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