Sedan vs. Hatchback: Which Body Style is Your Best Bet?

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So you're searching for your next vehicle. There are tons of body styles out there, from small, sporty coupes to large, full-sized SUVs, and everything in between. For used car purchases, especially if you're shopping for efficient commuters, you'll most likely have to choose between a sedan or hatchback, both of which offer some benefits simply based on their designs. We'll start with the more common body style, the classic four-door sedan, then go over the advantages of picking a hatchback.

Sedans offer something that often can't be compromised: a traditional sense of style. While exteriors of popular sedans have been revamped to be more appealing to look at, the basic elements remain. While it's easy to call any four-door a sedan, there's a specific designation that goes into this car type, namely the three separate compartments for your engine, passenger space and cargo, all separated from one another. From there, you'll find either fuel-sipping small sedans, perfect for commuting daily, or you can choose mid- or full-sized setups that offer adequate family driving.

A hatchback, often a variation of a popular sedan model from brands like Honda, Hyundai, Toyota, Ford and other popular automakers, provides you with better cargo storage capabilities. That's because of the rear hatch, "fifth-door" setup, that means your cargo space is attached to the passenger cabin, usually with fold-down rear seats to expand your storage area. You'll want to consider the interior dimensions of a hatchback version of a model compared to its sedan counterpart, and see if that's the way to go for your needs.

It can all boil down to personal style or tastes, but it's worth test driving both a sedan and a hatchback if you've never experienced either before. Chances are, you'll stick with one body style over the other for the rest of your life.

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