What Are the Best Used Vehicles to Buy This Fall?

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If you're in the market this fall for car, you'll want to consider these top models at Hertz Car Sales. These pre-owned editions work perfectly for the changing of the seasons, for back-to-school and for other autumnal activities.

Toyota Corolla:
Toyota Camry in the city
Efficiency is key for commuters, and while the Corolla isn’t a hybrid, this fuel-sipping vehicle will save you money at the pump. Toyota makes cars meant to last, so any like-new, low-mileage pre-owned edition will serve you well in the fall, and moving forward.

Jeep Cherokee:
Jeep Cherokee driving through mountains
A versatile and well-equipped small SUV, a used Jeep Cherokee is perfect for all-weather travels, especially if you find an AWD-equipped model at the Hertz store nearest you.

Volkswagen Tiguan:
Volkswagen Tiguan by billboard
Another small and versatile crossover, the Tiguan is a great choice for heading back to school, whether you're a parent or a younger driver who likes lots of tech, turbocharged pep, and premium VW features.

GMC Canyon:
GMC Canyon in the desert?
Maybe you're in the market for a compact pickup this fall. If so, the used GMC Canyon trucks you'll find with Hertz Car Sales really deliver impressive value, along with strong towing and hauling capabilities for a smaller pickup.

Of course, there are all sorts of options you'll want to consider. Depending on your budget, your plans for the fall, and the style of vehicle that makes sense for you, we will help you find your perfect ride! Get the best bargain this fall with one of our used cars, trucks or SUVs, and we'll show you why purchasing from Hertz Car Sales is Buying a Car Made Better.