Explore the Top 5 Most Popular Crossovers

There are so many reasons that SUVs and crossovers are so popular these days. Providing larger cabin setups and added capabilities over sedans and hatchbacks, crossovers can be as versatile as you need them. But which one is the right pick for you? Everybody has their own sense of style and needs, so to help you get started on your search for the right kind of used crossover, check out these top picks. After reading about these five most popular crossovers, listed in no particular order, visit the Hertz Car Sales location near you for a test drive.

Volkswagen Tiguan

960 × 694
From a brand that knows the right blend of efficiency with strong driving dynamics, this small crossover is a great choice for drivers who commute daily and drive the family around on a regular basis.

Hyundai Santa Fe

960 × 640
A small SUV that's seen several changes over the years, any version of the Santa Fe will be sensible for your everyday travels, and with the like-new editions, the updated Hyundai tech included will help to keep you connected and safe while you're on the go.

Ford Edge

960 × 677
The Ford model lineup has so many different crossovers and SUVs, but the Ford Edge is one that perfectly balances a sensible size, a great blend of easy drivability with high-end utility, and lots of features and amenities any family will appreciate having on the road.

Nissan Rogue

960 × 720
Here's another efficient crossover that's a great choice for your daily travels. Providing the small SUV styling and setup, the Rogue is efficient while stilling giving you space for passengers and cargo.

Honda CR-V

960 × 774
One of the most popular SUVs found anywhere, a used Honda CR-V will have it all. The cabin setup in any edition is spacious and easily adjustable, while the most recent model year versions of the CR-V will include all kinds of useful tech features.

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