Save Money in the Long-Term with Regular Vehicle Maintenance

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After how much you've invested in the car you drive – from its down payment, to its monthly costs, insurance, registration and taxes – the last thing you want to do is spend anything on maintenance and repairs. But by keeping up on routine vehicle maintenance, you'll get the most out of your car, truck or SUV for a longer period compared to just driving a vehicle to the ground. Keep up with both the factory recommended maintenance schedule your vehicle probably comes with and heed the advice of the service professionals you trust.

There are more reasons than simply matters of cost and value to keep your vehicle properly maintained. Your safety and the protection of your passengers and fellow motorists is the top priority, first and foremost, and having a car that's been thoroughly maintained will keep everybody out of harm's way better. But there are impacts on regular service when it comes to your budget and finances, so see why you should keep up on your vehicle's maintenance and how that can actually save you money.

How Car Maintenance Saves You Money

  • Preventing costly repairs: Routine maintenance is a matter of handling simple oil and filter changes, battery checks and tire rotations, among other kinds of service. Keeping up on simple work like this will prevent major issues down the road, which will obviously cost you even more.
  • Give your vehicle longer life: Everybody knows a car depreciates the minute it leaves a dealership lot, but even with great deals or amazing finds with used cars, changing out an older one for a new-to-you ride can cost you considerably. By making the most out of your current vehicle, you'll save more money for your future car-shopping budget.
  • Improved gas mileage: Beyond safety, keeping your car properly maintained is a matter of driving a vehicle that operates at peak performance levels. A huge part of that is making the most out of your fuel efficiency, which will obviously save you money across many thousands of miles in your car.
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