Getting into a new vehicle for the first time can be exciting, you can shop for your next vehicle online and save a lot of time using online tools, such as Hertz Car Sales Digital Retailing. But there are even more ways to help prepare for a vehicle purchase that can save you considerable time at the dealership.

  • License, vehicle registration, and insurance: Unless this is your first car, your previous vehicle, which you may be trading in, will have important documentation you'll want to bring with you. Of course your driver's license is necessary, but so is your current vehicle's registration and its insurance, if applicable for the state you drive in.
  • Proof of income: You'll most likely need to secure financing and having proof of steady income is necessary information for lending partners to approve a car loan. This can be done by bringing a current paystub and your place of employment's address and phone number.
  • 10-day payoff statement: When trading in your vehicle, those funds don't immediately transfer over, so lenders will need documentation through a 10-day payoff statement, providing 10 days' worth of interest.
  • Budget estimate for monthly payment: Having an estimate of your desired monthly payment amount can help with selecting the right loan type for your budget.
  • Credit score estimate: This will help the dealership estimate what interest rates and loan types you qualify for which can give you more accurate estimated monthly payments before applying for a car loan.

If you have any questions or need help securing any of these documents or proof of income, get in touch with your local Hertz Car Sales location and we'll start you off on the right path, all so you'll be best prepared for your next vehicle purchase.

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