Savvy shoppers will tell you, buying a rental car has plenty of advantages. One of the top factors in making a vehicle purchase is price. Rental cars are often priced at a significant discount over a local dealership or car lot. Rental car companies can price vehicles lower since they produce revenue during their time operating within the rental fleet. Since there's no need for markups, that savings gets passed onto the used car buyer, as the rental fleet needs to be continually refreshed. This also means you're more likely to find a bigger selection of vehicles from the most recent model years, offering the latest styling, features, and technology.

One of the biggest areas of concern for shoppers when buying a used car is its service history, as you may not be quite certain whether a used vehicle has been properly maintained. That's something you don't need to worry about when buying a car from a rental company. We must maintain a strict maintenance schedule on each of our vehicles to keep our entire fleet operating smoothly for our rental customers. In addition, our Hertz Certified vehicles are carefully selected from the rental fleet and undergo a thorough inspection before meeting our certification. Each Hertz Certified vehicle is backed with a complementary 12-month/12,000-mile powertrain warranty and a 7-day buy back guarantee.

Another unique option to consider is our Rent2Buy program, where you can rent a vehicle you're interested in for up to three days; and if you decide to purchase the vehicle, the rental charges are waved. With Hertz Rent2Buy, you can take the vehicle to your preferred mechanic for an independent inspection or take the time to really see how it fits into your daily life. You don’t get that flexibility when shopping at the local car lot.

These are just a few of the many benefits of buying a vehicle from a rental car company. We invite you to shop our big selection of quality vehicles and learn more about Hertz Rent2Buy. Shop online or visit one of our locations today and experience all the advantages Hertz Car Sales has to offer.

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