You're probably hearing a lot of buzz lately about electric vehicles and noticing more and more of them out on the roads near you. It seems like nearly every automaker is coming out with an EV model, with several more on the way. With that, you may be wondering if an EV is right for you. Driving an EV is a great way to go green and reduce your carbon footprint, but there are some additional great benefits to owning an electric vehicle.

What are the Benefits of an Electric Car?

Electric vehicles offer several benefits, with the main one being no fuel costs, so when owning an EV, you no longer need to worry about rising gas prices. Electricity tends to be cheap here in the US and rates are usually stable. Depending on how much you normally drive, that can add up to a big savings over time. Getting a charger installed by a licensed professional is a straightforward process for most homes and public charging stations are rapidly increasing across the country.

Perhaps best of all is that EVs offer a fun driving experience. Electric motors typically produce lots of torque making for quick acceleration. This can be enjoyable if you have a heavier right foot, but also comes in handy when needing to safely merge into fast-moving highway traffic. Electric vehicles are also much quieter than gas engine vehicles, so you don't have to worry about waking up the neighbors when leaving early in the morning or pulling in late at night.

How Long Do Electric Cars Last?

You may be wondering, what is the lifespan of an electric car, or more specifically, how long do electric car batteries last? Battery technology has rapidly evolved to a point where vehicle manufacturers can offer long warranties both in years and mileage. Exact terms vary by OEM, but you can expect many years of use at maximum performance.

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