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Learn More About the Benefits of Electric Cars

You're probably hearing a lot of buzz lately about electric vehicles and noticing more and more of them out on the roads near you. It seems like nearly every automaker is coming out with an EV model, with several more on the way. With that, you may be wondering if an EV is right for you. Driving an EV is a great way to go green and reduce your carbon footprint, but there are some additional great benefits to owning an electric vehicle.


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Celebrate Earth Day This Year with Hertz Car Sales, a Brand Dedicated to Going Green

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Earth Day is a special time of the year when people from all over organize and mobilize to help in keeping our planet green, livable and protected. But as a member of the auto industry, Hertz Car Sales and its parent company know that we can do a lot more to combat the effects of climate change. As part of our corporate responsibility, Hertz has a full plan on sustainable living, reducing waste and helping to keep our home clean and green for future generations to come. Learn more about how Hertz is taking on the challenges of sustainability and…

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10 Eco-Friendly and Efficient Cars You Should Consider Buying

Do you commute daily and are looking to keep your fuel costs low? Or are you simply looking to reduce your carbon footprint, but still need your own vehicle to get you around on your own schedule? Whatever your reasons, if you're looking for an efficient or eco-friendly used vehicle, you'll have several options. Listed here are 10 popular efficient cars, in no particular order, with highway fuel economy above 30 mpg. Search the Hertz Car Sales location nearest you to see if any are available, then come in for a test drive!

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