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What are the Best Commuter Vehicles?

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While every weekday warrior has their own opinion of what makes a smart and efficient daily vehicle, we've selected the 10 best used cars for commuting. And though these are primarily fuel-sipping smaller cars, you'll discover some other types of vehicle that are surprisingly thrifty and functional for your daily commutes. After learning a bit about these efficient commuters, visit the Hertz Car Sales location close to you to get started on a test drive.

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Check Out The Top 10 Best Used SUVs

The most popular body style for any area is the SUV. You'll want to check out the top 10 best SUVs to buy used that we've listed below. While the Hertz Car Sales store located near you will have a varying lineup that changes daily, we're sure you'll be able to find at least a few of these best used SUVs, many from the 2017 model year. Here's our list of the best 10 used SUVs (in no particular order) to buy, so read on, then visit our location near you to get started on…

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Sedan vs. Hatchback: Which Body Style is Your Best Bet?

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So you're searching for your next vehicle. There are tons of body styles out there, from small, sporty coupes to large, full-sized SUVs, and everything in between. For used car purchases, especially if you're shopping for efficient commuters, you'll most likely have to choose between a sedan or hatchback, both of which offer some benefits simply based on their designs. We'll start with the more common body style, the classic four-door sedan, then go over the advantages of picking a hatchback.

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