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5 Winter Driving Tips to Keep on Your Mind

1280 × 685Beyond having the right kind of car with the setup to help you navigate the worst winter weather patterns out on the road, keeping in mind safe and attentive driving habits can prevent accidents during the cold months in your area. When roads get slick with ice, rain or snow, and with added complications from plows, salt trucks and other seasonal public works vehicles, you'll want to have both hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road in every situation. For a quick starter on winter driving, follow these five helpful tips:

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Celebrate Earth Day This Year with Hertz Car Sales, a Brand Dedicated to Going Green

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Earth Day is a special time of the year when people from all over organize and mobilize to help in keeping our planet green, livable and protected. But as a member of the auto industry, Hertz Car Sales and its parent company know that we can do a lot more to combat the effects of climate change. As part of our corporate responsibility, Hertz has a full plan on sustainable living, reducing waste and helping to keep our home clean and green for future generations to come. Learn more about how Hertz is taking on the challenges of sustainability and…

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