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Government Rules for Self-Driving Cars

There's a great deal of controversy surrounding the concept of self-driving cars. The University of Michigan recently published the results of study that indicated only 16% of people surveyed would be interested in a fully automated vehicle, and that at this point, most drivers would still want their vehicle to have both a steering wheel and pedals so that they could take control of the car whenever they wanted, even though some researchers feel that rotating between autopilot and manual control could actually increase the odds of an accident taking place.

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The Real Cost of Owning Plug-in Electric Cars

One of the first things the average American considers when shopping for a new car is how fuel efficient the model is. Many consider fuel efficiency to be just as important as safety features and comfort, which is why so many have begun to seriously consider replacing their current gas guzzler with a brand new Plug-in electric car.

If you're considering a Plug-in electric car it's in your best interest to stop and consider the real cost of owning one before you sign a contract with your local auto dealer.

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Traffic Accidents Increased in 2015

I hate to be the bearer of bad news. Seriously though, I like to keep things upbeat while keeping you informed about how to take care of your current car or find your next amazing automobile here at Hertz Car Sales. But it’s come to our attention that a situation is forming around us… traffic accidents are occurring at an increased rate, 8% to be exact (thanks Motor Trend).

Automotive safety technology is continuing to advance, but at the same time we’re continuing to be more distracted. More distracted by continued developments is smartphone technology, like Snapchat, Twitter…

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Hertz Rent2Buy is Awesome

I've spent numerous posts mentioning Hertz Rent2Buy program offered here at Hertz Car Sales. Shout outs like a celebrity name drop. Perhaps I did this in the hope that you would do some quick research to supplement what I told you and ultimately decide that the Rent2Buy program is the only way to buy a car or SUV. After thinking about it some more, I decided that it was overdue to tell you more about the program, so I'm dedicating the article to bringing everyone up to speed on the Rent2Buy program.

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Easy Summer Maintenance

Automobiles, being the precision machines that they are, require diligent monitoring to ensure they are running at peak performance. The aspects of the vehicle that an owner should look at depend on many factors, for example the age of the vehicle or the current mileage of the vehicle. Other factors play a part such as your road conditions for your area and the climate of your area. Today we are going to discuss summer season maintenance and the aspects of your vehicle that you should look at and address for driving in the summer months.

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A Case for Buying Used

Let's be honest. Buying a new car is easy. You walk into a dealer like it's a big box retailer. You pick the exact model with the exact colors and features you want "off the shelf". If you want, you can order your car to your exact specifications and have it in six weeks or so. No one has touched, let alone used the car you are about to buy. It is yours to do with what you will.

Buying a used car is a whole other ball game. You start having to consider some compromises. Can you…

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Buy American...Buy Toyota? What buying American looks like in the 21st Century

It's 2013. We are on the tail end of the Great Recession (hopefully). All of the automakers have survived the recession in some form or another. We lost some iconic brands along the way, the likes of Mercury and Pontiac. They are just a piece of history now, but these actions helped position Ford and GM to continue on in the new economy.

With this new economy, we have come to see new challenges in automobile manufacturing. Automakers buckled down to ensure they are manufacturing as efficiently as possible. What's interesting is that efficient manufacturing and tax advantages…

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There’s a BMW 4-Series??

Yup, you read correctly. BMW is really introducing a 4-Series coupe as a 2014 model. This is news, but it is far from awesome news in my humble opinion. I always love the introduction of a new BMW model. The reintroduction of the 6-Series was music to my ears because I always loved the old model from the 1980s. The 1-Series excited me because it's a BMW I can come close to actually affording. Unfortunately, I can't get nearly as excited over the introduction of this 4-Series. Here's why...it is just a rebadged 3-Series.

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Marking the End of the Retro Styling Movement

Automotive companies have made waves in recent years with retro inspired styling. All of the major American brands introduced one or multiple models that paid homage to styling from the 60s and 70s. These cars give buyers from older generations a gateway into their pasts with modern versions of models from a simpler time, while also giving younger buyers a taste of the fast muscle car era. What is interesting about the retro styling movement is that it's limited to automobiles only.

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The Top Auto Industry Trends of 2013: What to Watch For

Two thousand and twelve proved a banner year for the automotive industry. Sales hadn't soared so high since 2007, a year before the economic downturn that threatened to nearly completely upend the market for good. Makes like Chrysler, Ford, and General Motors all posted enviable upticks in sales increases, and foreign automakers weren't left out of the financial boom: Volkswagen, for instance, posted a phenomenal 35% leap in figures last December alone.

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