Used Cars in Georgia

Used Cars for Sale in Georgia

Drivers throughout Georgia are in need of reliable cars that will not break the bank with their price tag. If you are in a similar circumstance you may be interested in checking out our array of used models at Hertz Car Sales locations throughout Georgia. All of our used cars have no haggle pricing, meaning the price you see on a vehicle is the price you pay. This helps make buying a car that much easier and straightforward for you! On top of that our used vehicles are Hertz Certified; this means that they have been inspected to ensure they are up to manufacturer's standards of quality and safety. This can help you feel more confident when you purchase a car. Visit any of our Hertz Car Sales locations throughout Georgia to learn more.

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Hertz Rent2Buy Cars for Sale in GA

Our Hertz Rent2Buy vehicles provide drivers with a level of flexibility that you cannot get elsewhere. That is because, when you choose a Rent2Buy car, you can take it home for three days to test drive it. If, at the end of those three days, you still like the vehicle you can purchase it! If you would like to learn more about the Hertz Rent2Buy process, or if you want to view available vehicles in you area, click the city below that is closest to you!

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