Total Loss Protection (GAP)

Hertz Car Sales GAP Protection

It's called the "gap." It's the difference between the amount owed on your Retail Installment Sales Contract and the actual cash value of your vehicle at the time of a total loss.

The total loss protection plan may cover the difference between what you still owe on your car and what your insurance will pay if your vehicle is totaled or stolen. If your insurance pays less than what you owe, this plan helps cover the gap.

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*This amount will be reduced by amounts owed due to missed payments, over financing penalties, interest, etc. added to your Retail Installment Sales Contract/Lease Agreement.

Why Gap Insurance May be a Good Idea for Your Hertz Purchase

Any time you buy a car, you'll be greeted with all kinds of details and options, ranging from the standard warranty coverage we provide here at Hertz, to the additional protection plans and the kind of insurance you'll need to purchase along with the vehicle you choose. One important detail to consider is gap protection, which covers the difference between the amount you owe on your used car loan, and the actual cash value of your vehicle at the time of a total loss. If you know you'll need a used car loan to buy the perfect used Chevy, Toyota, Ford or any other kind of make or model here at Hertz Car Sales, you'll want to consider buying gap insurance.

At the time of your purchase at the Hertz location near you, the financial services experts will guide you through your gap insurance options, as well as through all the other details you'll need to go over before driving the pre-owned car, truck or SUV of your choice home. Depending on how much money you're able to put down, and the length of your used car loan term, gap insurance will either be recommended - and when it is, we strongly urge you to select that option - or you'll get to skip that part of the process.

Nobody wants to think about getting into an accident in the car that they've just purchased, but that's why you'll want to consider buying gap insurance if it applies to you. Covering the difference between what's owed to get you to complete ownership and the actual dollar value of your car can mean huge amounts of savings compared to if you were to skip over gap insurance and still suffered a total loss.

Learn more about the gap insurance options available at Hertz Car Sales by visiting the location in your city today.

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