Buy from the comfort of your couch

We offer a home delivery process

How the whole thing works

Hertz Car Sales offers home delivery to customers who live within a 50-mile radius of our Florida and Illinois locations. Complete all the paperwork, schedule your delivery and admire your new purchase in the driveway, all from your couch.

Search Inventory

Find Your Vehicle

Find the perfect vehicle for you with an extensive inventory to choose from. Once you find the one for you, give us a call to say you want it.

Documents at Your Doorstep

We send you all the paperwork to fill out in the comfort of home. You send it back in the pre-labeled envelope and we schedule delivery.

Take Delivery

We hand you the keys, and it's all yours.

Home Delivery FAQ

- Where are the cars available for delivery?
We have 10 locations throughout the state of FL, and 4 locations in the Chicago area, all offering extensive inventory to choose from! Deliveries must happen within the state of FL or IL.

- Does the car have to be delivered to my home?
Nope! You can have the vehicle delivered at your home, at work or a mutual meeting place anywhere within the state and in a 50-mile radius of the dealership.

- What do you charge for delivery?
It is a $179 fee for delivery. It will be included in your overall bill in the paperwork.

- What warranties come with the car?
All Hertz vehicles are backed with a 12-month/12,000-mile limited powertrain warranty.

- What if I am outside of the 50-mile radius?
Delivery options are limited to within the 50-mile radius and within the state of FL or IL at this time.

- Can I trade-in my current vehicle if I opt for home delivery?
Unfortunately, no. The trade-in would need to happen at the dealership.

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