Pre-Paid Maintenance

Hertz Car Sales Pre-Paid Maintenance Plans

Even if your car doesn't require major repairs, it still needs scheduled maintenance. Most factory warranties are valid only if you maintain your vehicle regularly. The Pep Boys Pre-Paid Maintenance Plan includes valuable services that help you keep your vehicle qualified!

With Hertz Car Sales Pre-Paid Maintenance Plans, you will receive a coupon book that contains the pre-paid oil change and multi-point inspection vouchers plus, additional discounted coupons for a wide range of parts, service and retail accessories.  Plans are available for 2 to 6 year terms and can be tailored with conventional or synthetic oil and tire rotations. 

How It Works: Simply schedule an appointment or visit your nearest Pep Boys and bring your voucher with you. It's that easy.

Plan Features

Lube, Oil & Filter Change
Helps keep your vehicle operating smoothly and extends the life of your engine.

Multi-Point Vehicle Inspection
Helps identify the need for preventive maintenance to help you avoid bigger problems.

Tire Rotations
Helps ensure your tires wear evenly and last longer.

Repair and Retail Coupons
Helps you save more on parts and maintenance purchases.

About Pep Boys

Pep Boys has over 800 company owned locations that are open 7 days a week and weekends. Locations offer perks such as the ability to schedule appointments online, early bird service, and free wi-fi in waiting rooms. They are a one stop shop with everything from oil changes to engine performance diagnostics and offer branded and private label tires, as well as a large selection of parts.

Note: Pep Boys sponsored plans are only available where locations are accessible. Other plans are available at remaining stores.

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