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With These Hertz Rent2Buy Vehicles, a Longer Test Drive Can Ensure the Right Choice

Test-driving any kind of car you plan on leasing or purchasing usually means taking a quick spin around the block and that's that. That's really not a whole lot of time to feel out a vehicle you're potentially investing a huge amount into, but with these Hertz Rent2Buy used models, you'll have much more time to see if you're buying the right choice. With a three-day test rental at a special low rate, you'll really get a chance to explore your potential purchase's comfort, performance, technology and other key factors you'll want to make sure work for your style. Look through this lineup of Hertz Certified Pre-Owned models that give you the Rent2Buy option to see if there's a match near you.

While Hertz Car Sales is a separate entity from our parent company's car rental service, the Rent2Buy program combines the best of both worlds. We provide this option with all kinds of popular models from reputable brands, with most the kinds of cars that you can expect to rent at an airport or nearby. From there, we'll provide you with special rental-car pricing for that three-day period that will give you a good idea what kind of vehicle you're considering. Having extra time on the road without commanding a firm commitment really separates the Hertz Car Sales experience from what you'll find at other auto dealerships. On the other hand, if three days seems like a bit much for you, a two-hour complimentary test drive can also be set up.

At the end of your three-day test drive you can make a final decision, and if you choose to purchase, we'll waive your rental charges (with some exceptions based on daily rental rates and the specific vehicle you're considering) and get you started on the paper work. You might even be able to complete your purchase from home, so if you have a long ways to drive to the nearest Hertz location, we'll make arrangements preventing you from taking too many trips over.

At Hertz Car Sales, we do things a little differently, and our unique Rent2Buy option gives you more confidence that you'll make the right choice.

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