How Rent2Buy Works

Choose Your Car

  • Browse our complete selection of used cars online
  • Search by make, model or body type
  • Schedule your 3-day test rental

Test It for 3 Days

  • Pick up your car
  • Keep it up to 3 days at a special low rate
  • Or take a 2-hour complimentary test drive

Make It Yours

  • Buy the car and we'll waive the rental charges*
  • In most states, you can purchase it from home
  • We'll be in touch to handle all the paper work

*Base daily rental rates are subject to change.  The base daily rental rate quoted above applies for standard rental vehicles.  Higher base rental rates apply for vehicles priced over $25,000.  The base daily rental rate applies only to time and mileage charges. Hertz age driver, and credit qualifications for the renting location apply. Taxes, tax reimbursement, age differential charges, fees and optional service charges such as refueling are additional, and are not included in the base daily rental rate. If you purchase the vehicle, you will not have to pay any rental charges, except for any optional service charges you accepted. If there is a delay in making payment for the vehicle or completing any required paperwork, you could be asked to return it until payment is made or required documents are provided
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