Find a Convertible at the Hertz Store Near You

Used car shoppers typically tend to pick function over fashion. Daily commuters, younger drivers and people simply operating with a limited budget are going to invest their car-shopping funds on something that's useful for many purposes. With all that said, however, you can still pick out something a little more on the fun side with Hertz Car Sales and our selection of great used convertibles from popular brands. If you're shopping for something to take out during the summer months and enjoy with the top down, check out the great deals on convertibles and cabriolets at the Hertz location near you.

While any given automaker, particularly a popular one, might not even have a single convertible option, there's actually a wealth of sporty and fun top-down cars available from the recent model years Hertz features most prominently. Popular models like the Mazda MX-5 Miata and the Ford Mustang Convertible will be more abundant throughout our Hertz locations, while luxury convertibles from Mercedes-Benz, BMW and FIAT are also found at our prestige locations and elsewhere. Most convertibles feature performance-driven engines and specs, giving you a sporty ride to enjoy when the sun's out and the weather's warm.

To help make a Hertz Certified Pre-Owned convertible the smart choice for your top-down cruises, we offer a range of unique benefits that so-called "regular" auto dealerships won't. It starts with our Hertz no-haggle pricing, which makes buying the used convertible of your dreams as easy as seeing the great price and taking it as it is. From there, you'll have the option of some generous warranty coverage to add to your purchase to go along with the easy trade-in and financing processes.

If you want a convertible to enjoy during the summers, consider buying a pre-owned one from Hertz Car Sales and see what's available right now.

*The listed price includes all costs to be paid by a consumer except for licensing costs, doc fees, registration fees, and taxes.

We make every effort to provide accurate information including but not limited to price, miles and vehicle options, but please verify with your local Hertz Car Sales location before purchasing